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what is a ups

UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply. A UPS device provides back up power stored in batteries to a critical load when the primary power source fails, providing instantaneous protection from harmful power interruptions. A UPS device or system can be used to protect critical applications in homes, small and medium businesses, data centres and other applications from unexpected power disruptions which could potentially cause injury or death, severe business fluctuations, or data loss.

power protection

The technological world around us has become highly dependent upon the continuous availability of electrical power. Sophisticated technology is now an integral part of our lives both at home and at work, and with the advent of e-commerce the way in which we interact with the rest of the world is continually changing. 

Intelligent technology demands power that is free of interruption or disturbance. Many of the issues associated with equipment failure, software and data corruption and downtime are the result of a problematic supply of power.

downtime is not an option

Power protection has never been more critical than it is today; businesses rely on their IT infrastructure and networks in order to ensure that they are fully functional at all times.

This includes a growing culture of employees that need “always-on” technology, whether they are in the office or working from home. Reducing equipment downtime, and thus increasing profitability, is now a new priority for any size of business. 

In today’s ‘always on’ world, downtime is not an option. Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) plays a critical role in ensuring resilient power infrastructure.


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